Covering large expanses of window space can be difficult with conventional blinds and window finishings. That’s why we offer a convenient selection of vertical blinds perfect for any expanse of windows in your home.

Vertical blinds offer a number of benefits, specifically for those seeking to keep out light and protect their privacy. Large areas of window space require suitable covering offered by our vertical blinds; they provide privacy when you need it most, additionally helping to control the amount of natural light coming through each window. Vertical blinds are also a wonderful choice to help maintain the temperatures in your home, both during the warm and cooler months.

As a homeowner, you can easily reap the benefits of vertical blinds due to their economical value. Vertical blinds cover larger expanses of windows often at an affordable, cost-effective rate for the homeowner. They allow you the option of controlling your home’s privacy whilst still allowing for natural light and organic warmth from the sun.

Our vertical blinds are available in a variety of styles to compliment every room in your home. When choosing your next set of window coverings for the larger areas of window space in your home, contact us for quality vertical blinds sure to please the eye and maintain your preferred level of privacy.

Our Vertical blinds can be fitted to curved bay windows (3, 4 & 5 windows) using curved tracks / curved rails.


Replacements available

We also supply replacement vertical slats, weights and chains. Contact us for more details: 0121 588 2988