Homes which feature conservatory or open-style roofing offer a romantic view of blue skies and night stars; but often, the heat and UV rays from the sun can cause extreme warming affects and can result in discomfort or overly-warm rooms.

Our roof blinds are the perfect, convenient solution for such home features where shade and cooler temperatures may often be appreciated. Transform your sun room, conservatory or open-roofed sitting area into a tranquil, comfortable space with our roof blinds. Constructed using quality materials and carefully measured to suit the needs of your home, our roof blinds offer discrete shade and protection from the sun all-year round.

Our stylish variety of roof blinds act as the finishing touch to your conservatory and open-roofed areas, subtly keeping the warmth of the sun away whilst allowing natural light to peek through and keeping on trend with the other interiors and style of your home.

So whether you’re looking to enjoy your sun-room with a little less heat, or would simply prefer a tranquil space with natural light, our roof blinds will help control the heat and temperature in your open-roofed areas whilst providing a stylish alternative to most methods of privacy and sun protection.