Pleated style blinds offer contemporary appearance and a minimalist character to any space where temperature, light and privacy control are key. Modern yet sleek, pleated blinds lend a warm, calming effect to your home with their option for providing full privacy, whilst still allowing subtle glimpses of light to peek through. They often give rooms and spaces a cozy and friendly feel.

Our pleated blinds are lightweight and simple to use, available in a range of colours to compliment your space. They help to minimise the glare of natural light, yet still allow for a subtle glow to emanate into each room. Their ease-of-use make them especially suitable for homes and larger spaces, and can provide a simplistic touch to your home decor.

Attractive and versatile, our pleated blinds are a wonderful alternative to venetian, wooden or rolling blinds where your space simple needs a touch of elegance with light sun protection and privacy. We offer pleated blinds in a range of styles to suit your needs.